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  • Eagle's Nest Catering Fy17

    "The Casserole Connection"

    As a fundraiser and learning tool, the culinary arts students will be preparing casseroles each week for sale. The orders will need to be placed the Monday prior to pick-up on Wednesdays. If you don’t want to cook them that day, you can wait a couple of days or they all freeze well! Also, please feel free to place all of your orders in advance if you prefer.

    October 19 - Stuffed Shells

    October 26 - Chicken Tetrazzini

    November 2- Mexican Beef Casserole

    November 9- Turkey & Spinach Casserole

    For more information or to order contact: or leave a message at 229-403-1840 (Lillibel Wingate) or 336-2170.


  • Scholarships
    Scholarship list is updated throughout the year.

    Attention Seniors, click the Scholarships link to visit the Guidance page for information on available scholarships.

  • MCHS School Plans
    To review all school plans:  Compact, Parent Involvement Policy, School Improvement, School-wide Plan, etc. visit the Parents' page on our website by clicking on the link at the top of the page.   Plans also can be found in the Parent Resource Room located next to the front office at the high school.
    Click Here
Questions and Concerns
  • Mitchell County 2016 Red Ribbon
    Pelham Rally on October 25 from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

    Camilla Rally on October 27 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

  • Did You Know?
    October 28- MCHS Eagles vs Baconton Charter (Senior Night)


Upcoming Events
  • Basketball
    November 8-Home scrimmage game against Thomasville; No JV
    December 3-Home game against Pelham, No JV
    December 6-Home game against Albany, JV Boys
    December 9-Away game against Miller, JV Boys
    December 10-Home game against Baker, No JV
    December 13-Home game against Seminole, JV Boys
    December 16-Away game against Worth, JV Boys
    December 17-Homegame against Dougherty, No JV
    December 20-Away game against Quitman, JV Girls
    December 28- Away Baker Shootout, No JV
    December 29-Away Baker Shootout, No JV
    December 30-Away Baker Shootout, No JV
    January 3- Away game against Terrell, JV Boys
    January 6- Away game against Randolph-Clay, JV Boys
    January 7- Home game against Calhoun, JV Boys
    January 10- Home game against Quitman, JV Girls
    January 13-Home game against Chattahoochee, No JV
    January 14- Home game against Webster, No JV
    January 17- Home game against Stewart, JV Boys
    January 24- Away game against Albany, JV
    January 27- Away game against Pelham, No JV
    January 28- Home game against Worth, JV Boys
    January 31- Home game against Miller, JV Boys
    February 3- Away game against Seminole, JV Boys
    February 4- Away game against Baker, No JV 



    October 28- MCHS Home football game against Baconton Charter

    November 4- MCHS Away football game against Pelham

    November 11- 1st round playoffs

    November 18- 2nd round playoffs

    November 25- 3rd round playoffs

    December 2- Semifinals

    December 9- State ChampionShip

Student Central

Student Organizations

To find out more information, click on each club's name.

FCCLA (Advisors: Ms. L. Wingate and Ms. P. Crosby)

FFA (Advisor:  Mr. F. Peters)

HOSA (Advisor:  Ms. S. Anglin)

Eagle News Production (R. Lee, L. Twitty)

Benchmark Exams

Benchmark Exams will be given every 3 weeks.
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